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Ordering a basic Web-site

We create custom web-sites for customers. We take care of the design and production with latest web standards and efficient code. Site can be a WordPress-site or ASP.Net site. Frameworks and the code For basic web-development we use C# and MsSQL for backend and the frontend can be made responsive with javascript, Vue.js or React. Keep it simple […]

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Color row in DataGrid (WPF)

So you want to change row background color in your datagrid?  You can do it easily in datagrid loadingrow event. Example in C#private void dataGrid1_LoadingRow(object sender, DataGridRowEventArgs e) {// Get the DataRowDataRowView item = e.Row.Item as DataRowView;     if (item != null) {                DataRow row = item.Row;            […]

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EC2 instance scheduled for retirement

Amazon EC2 instances have to be retired sometimes due hardware troubles. Amazon schedules these “retirements”. Easy way: I read somewhere that simply stopping/restarting instance will move it to new hardware. So it wont be scheduled to retirement after that. Another way is to clone instance including its data. So you can create copies of that server setup as […]

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